- Nov 7, 2008
Who doesn’t like a good massage? While most of go cross-eyed with relaxation and adore getting them, some, like Kendra Wilkinson, actually enjoy giving them too. Since we’re all not lucky enough to have someone around who loves giving massages, there are services and even robots to help get those pesky knots out of our shoulders.

There have been a lot of innovations in massage therapy, ranging from in-room luxury massage services, to cutting edge massaging robots to home leg massagers.

Kendra Wilkinson, 23, who recently confessed she was engaged to Hank Baskett, says her career aspiration is to become a massage therapist. Maybe she’s had good experiences with Hef and the girls at the Playboy mansion, but I can’t imagine massage therapy being all that fun, and talk about being rough on your joint.

Since I’m a sucker for pampering, I’ll stick with getting massages, which is why I love the innovations in this slideshow below. They range from creative massage therapy ads to massing dentist chairs.

From Snake Massages to Kendra Wilkinson as RMT: