In Room Massage, Shopping and Meals Cooked in Your Room

 - Feb 23, 2007
References: blueberrylake
Why bother ordering traditional room service for a simple meal when you can order a world class chef to prepare a meal in the comfort of your own room? In a world where simple amenities like room service are ubiquitous, hotels and luxury resorts are developing new amenities that redefine expectations.

At Blueberry Lake Resort, we reviewed a number of innovative hotel services which have me wonding what will be the future of hotel services.

For example, at Blueberry, guests can dine in the main lodge, or exercise one of three options for in room dining:

In Room Chef - Invite the master chef to prepare a meal in your home,

In Room Groceries â€" Specify the food you'd like or simply request your fridge and kitchen to be stocked full of food. In our case, we were surprised by a fridge full of staple amenities, like: milk, cheese, soup, a French baguette, beer, and a bottle of reserve wine.

In Room Heat-it-Yourself - Arrive to a gourmet meal that's sitting on the stove and ready to be heated.

There are a variety of other services which also help to enhance the experience, like:

In Room Massage â€" a massage therapist sets up their bench on your balcony or in your room while you relax and enjoy the service.

Log Fire & Kindling - Even though Blueberry is a cabin, you don't have to rough it because they even set up the kindling and newspaper in the fireplace so it is ready to ignite.

I am sure there are a number of other hotels that are introducing new services, and since all other resorts seem to offer the same services, I will be very interested to see the future of services innovation.