- Jun 2, 2019
These June 2019 life stages trends range from meme-inspired music ads to educational streaming offerings.

While Netlix' recent partnership with StoryBots -- a brand specializing in educational animation -- aims to create more kid-friendly programming that goes beyond just entertainment, Spotify's clever ads target Millennials by referencing internet meme culture. The ads compare scenarios like a breakup with an accompanying playlist, like one featuring sad Indie music and rely on youthful references to strengthen existing bonds with its core audience.

Scalextric's Spark Plug is a mobile-compatible racing toy that can be personalized by users and is another standout that illustrates kids' growing desire for connected and controllable toys. Another crowd favorite, the Chatterbox DIY speaker -- encourages creativity while ensuring privacy and security for young users.

From Meme-Inspired Music Ads to Educational Streaming Offerings: