From Interracial Sibling Photography to Fatherhood Survival Kits

 - Jun 28, 2015
These June 2015 babies products look at what is happening in the children's industry, including pregnancy and toys for young ones. Advances in technology have resulted in a number of new products, while old methods have been updated for the digital age.

Especially when it comes to feeding, technology is playing a greater role than ever. This includes infant formula machines, breastfeeding tracker apps and even hunger-fighting baby scales for mamas and babies in the developing parts of the world. Other tech-focused June 2015 babies products integrate smart elements, from scales to monitors and thermometers. There is an emphasis on connected systems, not just by incorporating smartphones, but by merging multiple elements in one hub, such as a multitasking clock.

On the other hand, more parents are concerned with being eco-friendly, which could become an even bigger focus down the line.