From VR Observation Scopes to Crowdsourced Discovery Apps

 - Jul 23, 2016
Whether it is a VR observation tower experience or a crowdsourced vacation discovery app, the July 2016 travel trends reveal that technology continues to makes travel easier and more accessible for consumers.

One of the most unique ways that technology is changing travel is by recreating different experiences in real time. Instead of flying halfway around the world, consumers can now immerse themselves in an exotic destination without ever leaving their home. One of the best examples of this shift is the 'See Thru Thailand' app, which uses VR and AR content to virtually transport users to Southeast Asia.

However, the July 2016 travel trends reveal that not all innovations that make travel more accessible are quite so high-tech. For instance, there is a new platform called 'FundMyTravel' that helps consumers crowdsource the money to take a vacation. Another innovative travel tool is SkyScanner's Facebook Messenger Bot, which helps consumers book affordable flights through the user-friendly chat interface.