Meaty Selections and Candy Indulgences Make These Treats a Delight

 - May 16, 2012
Nothing quite says summer like indulging in an array of enticing ice cream sundaes and the tasty treat is constantly being revamped to ensure that the frozen treat connoisseur never gets bored.

The popular creamy confection is always a hit for the sweet tooth of all ages and the way these tasty desserts cool one down on a hot summer day is nearly unrivaled.

Mixing up an assortment of cookies, candies and other yummy morsels on top of one's icy flavor of choice is the traditional way to construct a sundae, but adding bacon products and early morning munchies to the indulgence can really boost up the flavor.

Resting a cherry, some sprinkles and sauce atop a heaping helping of the dessert, while still in cone form, is but another delicious derivative of the scrumptious snack that will have everyone screaming for ice cream.