From Dairy Bouquets to Mashed Potato Confections

 - Dec 20, 2011
An ice cream cone is the classic and tasty way to beat the heat, but nowadays these classic iced confections are branching out. Proving themselves capable of holding a lot more than ice cream, these tasty cones are making a bold statement all on their own. From intriguing hybrid coned desserts to ice cream holder-inspired art, these iconic crunchy confections are set to make a splash in almost every industry.

From motorized ice cream for those looking for an effort-free indulgence to sugar cone-inspired pumps for the fashionable and hungry, these designs -- both edible and inedible -- are hopelessly tempting. Sure to transport you back to a time when your only concern was your ice cream melting, these crazy cones will usher out your inner child.

Kooky, creative and deliciously lickable, these cones prove that they’re a whole lot more than just a vehicle for ice cream.