The Ice Cream Cone Cookies Will Melt in Your Mouth & Not On Your Outfit

These Ice Cream Cone Cookies are the perfect substitute for ice cream on a warm summer day when you don't feel like dealing with a sticky, melted mess. These adorably decorated cookies, featured on the food blog 'The Decorated Cookie,' are a sugar cookie base topped with a variety of different-flavored icings. The Ice Cream Cone Cookies featured on the website have been decorated in eight different flavors including cherry, mint chip, sprinkles, strawberry, maple syrup, chocolate and vanilla.

While these Ice Cream Cone Cookies may not cool you down from the summer heat, they definitely will satisfy any sugar craving to come your way!

Implications - Consumers often crave products that can lead to bothersome or inconvenient experiences. Businesses with products that satisfy the comparable consumers cravings without any additional hassle will see large returns in today's industry.