From Aged Hipster Eyewear Ads to Spectacled Mustache Marketing

 - Jun 12, 2013
With the thousands of advertisements that people are faced with every day, catching the attention of a consumer can be challenging, but these humorous eyewear ads are some clever examples of how marketers are targeting a more youthful audience.

Gone are the days when retailers would simply showcase their product in print in hopes that buyers would simply admire the look and design of their item. Nowadays, companies have to market more than just a product, they have to portray an image and theme that buyers can easily relate to, and using humor as a tactic is definitely a creative way to draw in consumers. From adorable grannies modelling sunglasses to eyewear ads promoting the single male, these humorously creative ads are going outside-the-box to attract a more hip and youthful buyer.