Japanese Gems, From Itty-Bitty Roadsters to Explosive Futuristic Sedans

 - Oct 2, 2009   Updated: Jun 24 2011
Honda is a Japanese car company (although technically a global company, considering Honda cars are built with parts from all over the world) that not only produces the citizen-friendly Civic, but also creates some of the most exciting auto innovations on the market today.

So let's give a few hoorays for Honda by looking at some of their finest products, from itty-bitty roadsters to explosive futuristic sedans

Implications - If you are not in the market for a new car, browsing these innovative Hondas may have you reaching for your cheque book. Honda has something for everyone including speedy motorcycles, fuel cell supercars and pet-friendly SUVs that are great for those with big families. Whatever your style is, Honda surely has something that fits you perfectly.