From Cross-Cultural Beer Campaigns to Latino Automotive Branding

 - Jan 21, 2015
These Hispanic marketing innovations range from cross-cultural beer campaigns to Latino automotive branding that relies on bold visuals and multi-lingual captions. When appealing to the Hispanic market, many of America's most celebrates brands face obstacles when connecting to the demographic.

Making up a large segment of the American retail market, Hispanic consumers are likely to gravitate towards themes based on ethnic subcultures, sports and clever humor. Some standouts from this list include the Mala Suerte ad by Allstate Insurance. The hilarious ad introduces viewers to a mascot who is bad luck personified. This commercial reminds consumers that Allstate is there to guide their customer through unlucky situations that are an inevitable part of life.

Other winning examples include retail store marketing that puts focus on World Cup soccer tournaments or beverage branding that crosses cultural bridges.