- Jul 5, 2014
From deceased rapper cuff-links to female MC masks, these hip-hop novelties showcase the music genre's popularity among today's youthful generations.

These fashions, home decor accents and stationary designs celebrate some of the most iconic names in the rap game from both the past and today.

Memorable items from this list of hip-hop novelties include O-mighty's collaged rapper socks that feature images of both Kanye West and Canadian sweetheart Drake as well as Shop Jeen's Thug Life pillow. The home decor accent is an homage to the legendary Tupac Shakur, an artist that still continues to inspire youth even after his death.

Whether looking for a pair of Biggie-themed slippers or a club-worthy dress that celebrates rapper Cam'ron, this list of hip-hop finds has something for everyone.

From Topographic Rapper Tees to Masked MC Costume Ideas: