- Aug 23, 2011
Gone are the days when wearing four-inch stilettos was considered hardcore, especially with shoes like these examples of painful-looking pumps on the scene. The mere mix of couture and torture seems totally fierce, yet super painful.

Many women may find themselves looking at this collection of painful-looking pumps thinking, "Is wearing these heels really worth all that pain?" Well, to the many fashionistas rocking out, these high-impact heels are certainly worthy some bloody toes and blisters. For anyone daring enough to try mixing a night out drinking and these heels, you are one brave and devoted fashion-lover!

Implications - Many women will go to extreme lengths in the name of style, however, with modern technology this exchange of pain for fashion seems somewhat pointless. Companies who create products that allow women to experience both comfort and style will make a strong impression on this developed consumer demographic.

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