From Superhero Workout Guides to Fitness Fashion

 - May 15, 2013
Anything related to health is always relevant, but basic lists or statistic reports can be boring to read. These colorfully designed health-promoting graphics are not tedious. From superhero workout guides to sky-high fitness fashion, these graphics will be effective reminders to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hangover cure infographics are interesting because they contrast the North American drinker's lifestyle and thought process with drinkers of other countries: while Americans indulge in greasy pizza after a night out, South Koreans prefer hearty soups and Russians, pickle juice.

Graphics charts for fruits, red meat or holiday meals are not only informative but visually pleasing. Workout advertisements are also often more effective and memorable than reading mere facts.

Healthy living reminders are timeless and always welcome, which make them share-worthy; they will never be out of context.