This 'Health Benefits of Biking to Work' Chart is Insightful

 - May 15, 2013
References: cooldailyinfographics
Anyone who works in the downtown core of their city knows that commuting to the office can be a huge inconvenience, both financially and environmentally, which is why this 'Health Benefits of Biking to Work' chart outlines all the positive aspects of using your bike to commute.

Driving to work not only causing a lot of stress and headaches, but it also serves to create air pollution while costing you a fortune for gas and maintenance. This biking infographic outlines all the potential environmental and cost savings you'll receive by simply changing your transportation method. Such positive benefits you'll recieve include increased well-being, the ability to burn calories on the way to work, less stress and an easier commute.

If you're debating whether or not you should take your bike to work, then this insightful infographic will make it much more evident as to why biking is the way to go.