From Gel Pill Drink Packaging to Cutevertising Vitamins

 - Jan 28, 2013
North America is obsessed with so-called healthy consumables and these health product branding innovations help to identify just why many people are turning their attention towards items that are more focused on overall health. The health fad is anything but, as products that are focused on providing balanced, nutritionally-sound foods and drinks are a way of life that is followed by millions around the world.

The products here take the sometimes unsubstantiated health benefits of its ingredients and use them as a way to market to consumers. Everything from weight-conscious granola bars to vitamin-infused beverages feature labelling that is meant to highlight the nutrient-packed edibles within to effectively make the choice easier in the grocery aisle. Health product branding, although perhaps more ethically sound than it appears, usually makes promises that few products can keep, which is why keeping an eye on ingredients is key to staying a savvy consumer.