- Oct 14, 2013
If it's always been your dream to live in a home where you could see the beauty of the outdoors, then these glass residences are fuel for your imagination. Many of these houses are made of transparent glass, so you can see everything that goes on outside. Even the skyscrapers have large windows so you can watch the sunrise every morning while you get ready for work.

These are glass residences of your brightest dreams. This intelligent architectural move allows for natural light to illuminate your home, offering additional energy conservation. The open view also blends your home with the surroundings. Isolated homes in the woods have an extra luxurious atmosphere when your house glistens and shines beside the trees.

If living in a glass house is out of your budget, this list also includes several hotels you can visit so you can still enjoy the fantastical experience. Get inspired by these glass residences to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.

From Transparent Pod Hotels to Wintery Glass Houses: