The 'House M' Home Uses the Sun's Light to Illuminate in Any Weather

 - May 28, 2013
References: maitakeiko & designboom
The 'M House' by Keiko Maita Architect Office is the perfect home for anyone who loves sunshine. Designed to mimic a lamp and use natural sunlight, the 'M House' gradually lights up as the sun rises and darkens as the sun sets.

The 'M House' is covered with a special canopy-like transparent, white fabric that allows sunlight to penetrate through. The fabric also retains the sunlight as a natural heating source to keep the house warm. Though the transparent fabric is sheer, it is waterproof and strong enough to block out any element, from rain to snow.

Situated in a forest-covered natural setting, the Covered with a special canopy-like transparent while fabric, the Keiko Maita Architect Office's 'M House' is a beautifully breathtaking home that mimics the sun. Photo Credits: designboom, maitakeiko