- Dec 21, 2010   Updated: Apr 13 2011
The best gifts for the fashionista are fashion, fashion and more fashion! But the world of fashion can be a tedious place, so what exactly do you choose?

From convertible crimson dresses to straitjacket buckle boots, these gifts for the fashionista will be your guide for everything from the ultra-luxury to quirky couture gifts.

Implications - When it comes to an industry that is as crowded and competitive as the world of fashion, it's no wonder that the products which entice consumers are those that stand out from the crowd. Innovations like these offer unusual twists on the familiar and the usual, and as a result, offer people the chance to acquire something stylish and unique. The value of this advantage cannot be understated.

From Convertible Crimson Dresses to Straitjacket Buckle Boots: