KDDI AU Taps Numerous Phone Markets For Spring in Japan

 - Feb 18, 2009
References: & cscoutjapan
KDDI AU, a Japanese mobile phone company, is rolling out a number of niche phones including the Sony Walkman Phone Premium3 for music buffs, the Hitachi Wooo H001 for lovers of high-tech visuals, the 8 megapixel Sharp SH001 for photography buffs and the Kyocera K001 for fashionistas.

Japan remains ahead of the pack when it comes to mobile phones. They continuously strive to blow us away with their amazing mobile phone designs, function and technologies. Compared to the phones in Japan, we are way behind schedule. It amazing how the Japanese consistently continue to launch new phones and still manage to re-up themselves each time.

These KDDI AU phones are not just phones, they are lifestyle accessories designed to improve and support a better quality of life through function, design and technology.