- Nov 4, 2008
This morning on NPR's Morning Edition, the slumping economy was credited as a major source for the drop in gas prices. Finally, someone who's seeing the silver lining on that gloomy cloud! Yes, the economy is grinding to a halt, but there are still some things to celebrate.

For example, some industries are actually experiencing growth. RockYou, the site perhaps best known for its MySpace theme add-ons, is hiring, not firing after receiving millions in funding. So is Twitter. Gentleman's clubs have also seen a rise in business, and searches for luxury cars have spiked. It seems as if the economy, even as gas prices are falling, is forcing people to buy what they want instead of what they need.

The economy hasn't turned us into a completely hedonistic society, however. We've also turned to smaller, less expensive forms of favorite snacks, and taken up walking or bicycling rather than driving. And no matter what gas prices are, electric cars seem the best way to go to hedge future fluctuations.

As the economy slows and gas prices lower, there is a new wave of creativity inspired by financial frustration. Below, check out some art and music that would never have existed if not for the credit crunch.

Image from KIIITV.

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