Credit Crunch Venting at Sarah's Smash Shack

 - Oct 10, 2008
References: smashshack & africa.reuters
With the world’s financial system in turmoil and many companies in trouble, there is one business currently thriving in San Diego and that is Sarah’s Smash Shack. Patrons can go there and break crockery, mugs and even TVs to vent their frustrations over the credit crunch--for a fee.

One client and his wife gladly spent $50 smashing plates and glasses to relieve the anger they felt after not being able to buy their first home because no bank would lend them any money.

Plates are popular because customers can write anything on them with black marker pens--most likely something they wish to get off their chests before hurling. Also popular are breakable picture frames, where photos of hated individuals can be slipped.

It costs $10 and up for 15 minutes of stress-relieving smashing. There is music and protective gear provided, but no drinks and food are served. Drowning in your sorrow is obviously not encouraged.