Nude Pinups from Torn Newspapers

 - Oct 17, 2008
References: natashaarchdale & entertainment.timesonline
Lately, British artist Natasha Archdale’s work is in high demand; Archdale makes nude portraits from torn pieces of financial newspapers and clippings. The timing couldn’t be better with the recent financial meltdown.

There are ego commissions by bankers who wish to have nude portraits of their wives made from articles lording their financial successes. One rival banker has commissioned a nude picture made from clippings about the Lehman Brothers collapse. Another banker who specialises in Latin American financing will get an art piece made up of anything printed from rising tortilla prices in Mexico to a bank collapse in Brazil. Dorrit Moussaieff, the wife of the Icelandic president, is shown in one canvas wearing nothing but a hat and gloves--the ‘drawing’ was made from clippings showing bank notes.

Her unusual art form began when she had to recuperate in a hospital after a car accident and started tearing up old newspapers to create a self-portrait nude. Now her artwork can command prices of up to $30,000.