- Jul 6, 2013
If you're looking to bake up some goodies for your friends with a fun and unique twist, then these geeky gamer desserts will give you some great ideas on how to incorporate some quirky video game references into your treats.

These nerdy desserts are a fantastic way for video game fanatics to pay tribute to their favorite characters or retro consoles in a unique and often delicious manner. A fun way to add some personalized touches to your otherwise ordinary baked goods and sugary treats, these gamer desserts will definitely let your friends know just how much of a video game enthusiast you really are.

From baked snacks that resemble classic video game controllers to cupcakes topped with characters from Angry Birds, these geeky gamer desserts would be the perfect ending to any birthday party or casual get together.

From Avian Gamer Goodies to Baked Gamer Snacks: