The Atari Video Game Cake Fulfills any Gamers Dream

Replicating the original gaming system, the Atari video game cake is a masterpiece worthy of praise from all geeky gamers out there.

The cake replicates the Atari 2600 Game Console, which is one of the earliest gaming systems. It comes with two joystick controllers, a game console as well as two iconic games, which are all made out of delicious edible sweets. This delectable cake is not only foodie-friendly, but a delight to look at.

The scrumptious dessert was made by Pink Cake Box and is the perfect nostalgia creating birthday cake. It is so alike to the original that you may be tempted to use it to play one of your favorite games rather then take a bite. The Atari video game cake is truly a delicious blast from the past.