- Jan 15, 2013
Gamers, being the passionate bunch that they are, can be known to wear their hearts on their sleeve; these examples of gamer clothing show a literal interpretation.

From gaming-themed t-shirts, to gamer kicks these pieces of wearable nerdiness will bring out the inner geek in anybody. There’s a plethora of options to equip yourself with some geek chic, ranging from outright costumes by talented cosplayers, to subtle jewelry that shows a greed for all things gaming without being too extravagant about it. There’s something here for attention seekers and those looking for some everyday gamer clothing alike. I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk down the street sporting a replica Halo helmet?

It’s really fun to see how creative these controller junkies can be when crafting these clothes and accessories.

From DIY Cosplay to Gamer Clothing and Jewelry, Geek is Now Wearable Chic: