Pay Tribute to a Piece of Gaming History with the Nes Controller Wallet

 - Jan 6, 2013
References: instructables
If you aren’t sure what to do with that old game controller you have lying around your house, why not turn it into a Nes controller wallet?

Though the controller is definitely considered a piece of gaming history, if you are able to deal with the fact that you may never be able to use it for its original purpose, then the wallet is a great alternate option. Plus, rather than it sitting somewhere in your house collecting dust you will be able to repurpose it into something functional. Creating this adorable purse doesn’t require any sewing, but it does require a few tools including a screwdriver, wire snip pliers, glue and a long zip. 

Collect all of the necessary pieces, follow the assembly instructions and in no time you will soon be the proud owner of this amazing Nes controller wallet.