Just Ahead of the Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Curve

 - Oct 27, 2010   Updated: Jun 22 2011
The Gaga impersonator comes in many forms. Whether this Gagafied fan is openly impersonating, copying the pop icon's style, or dressed to perfection in a Lady Gaga Halloween costume, the Gaga impersonator is a dime a dozen lately.

Here, we show at least one of each kind of Gaga impersonator. From Gagafied infants to celebrity copycats, it seems no one can get enough of Lady G's style.

Implications - These Lady Gaga products are all capitalizing off of the fame of the popular songstress. Fans of the pop star want to emulate her as they subconsciously want to attain the success and fame she has. Corporations can use this advantageous knowledge and produce merchandise and offer services that offer consumers an emulation of the pop star experience.