- May 12, 2011
Funky floors are the answer to many of life's home decor problems. Have you ever walked into a home and liked everything but the floors? Or, have you ever seen a home where the floor was the last thing that caught your attention? With these flooring solutions, it is guaranteed that your eyes will be cast down the minute you walk into the room.

From luminous flooring to fake blood carpets, these various funky floor options are a great way to impress the not-so-easily amused house guest. Fluorescent flooring will light up the room while pop art designed ground will always give you something to talk about. If you are feeling really adventurous and extra rich, the one million dollar flooring is sure to catch your eye.

These funky floors will put a unique spin on home decorating and are sure to floor you in all the right ways.

From Luminous Flooring to Fake Blood Carpets: