Bole Floor's Floorboards Follow the Natural Curves of Wood

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: bolefloor & springwise
Bole Floor is a Dutch flooring company that specializes in naturally shaped wooden floorboards. You're probably wondering what a naturally shaped floorboard looks like, and rightfully so. Bole Floor's floorboards are cut using an algorithm that follows a tree's natural growth patterns. This unique cutting system is what gives the floors of Bole Floor their curvy and natural look.

Besides creating cool-looking floorboards, this special cutting process also lets Bole Floor get more floorboards out of each tree they cut. In today's increasingly green world, eco-friendly and cost-effective business practices like this are a must if you are trying to break into an already crowded and established market. Bole Floor should have no trouble attracting customers with its unique flooring and eco-friendly practices.