From Bottled Vodka Lemonades to Pre-Mixed Peach Coolers

 - Aug 2, 2014
The modern consumer is accustom to the prepackaged lifestyle, which is why flavored alcohol experiences praise as opposed to criticism. Anything that can provide an all-in-one experience that's also able to be transported from one location to another with ease is key.

Mixing drinks is a standard of the party scene, but as the desire for customization becomes satisfied with flavors and varieties that are fancier than what was expected, the push to mix beverages oneself dwindles. Alcohol that was traditionally sold straight up is now being infused with everything from sweet to savory ingredients to effectively deliver products that will be enjoyed by a number of different demographics as opposed to just one. Gone are the days of overly sweet coolers: the sophisticatedly infused whiskey is on the rise.