The Höpt Soda Drink Range is Delicious and a Healthy Alternative

 - Apr 8, 2014
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Welcome summer this year with a sunny smile, a group of your closest friends, a patio and this delicious and refreshing soda drink.

The new Höpt soda is crisp; the flavors don't overwhelm you, they're subtle, intriguing and will make sure to give your taste buds a fresh treat. What makes this soda drink special is the fact that it's a refreshing beverage like everything else on the soda drink market, but in Höpt's case, it's healthier that anything out there, and is part of the clean drinking movement.

The New Zealand brand will be the perfect option for those who live a healthy lifestyle and still want that occasional ice-fresh pick-me-up that only soda can offer -- Höpt's has half the sugar found in other leading regular soft drinks.

With four healthy flavors to choose from like Pear and Basil, Watermelon and Mint, Elderberry and Salted Lychee, Höpt is bound to be a hit this summer.