From $250,000 Jeans to $121,000 G-Strings

 - Jul 25, 2009   Updated: Apr 18 2011
These five-figure fashions are so outrageously priced, they’re almost laughable. $250,000 jeans? $121,000 G-strings? That’s more than the average combined income of a middle-class family.

With styles that embody luxury (if more for their price tag than actual elegant design), these five-figure fashions below are sure to get your goat—especially if they don’t float your boat.

Implications - With the credit crunch coming to a close, consumers who have spent months rationing and saving are looking to indulge in a bit of spending. Coming out of an extended period of good behavior will drive someone to a little bit of naughtiness, creating a consumer urge to flash some cash that is stronger now than ever before.