Sarah Palin to Donate Clothes Post-Campaign

 - Oct 22, 2008
References: politico
Eventually, Sarah Palin's clothing will be donated to charity. In the meantime, the Republicans admit they have spent more than $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and makeup since September. Financial disclosure records show Sarah Palin spent almost $50,000 at Saks and over $75,000 at Neiman Marcus in September alone.

Sarah Palin’s hair and makeup set back the party-loyal donors about $5,000. A spokes person said it is meaningless to dwell on the issue since the clothing will be donated to a charity after the campaign. 

Sarah Palin might consider hooking up with Cindy McCain to really learn how to blow through the cash for clothes. Cindy McCain spent $300,000 on just one outfit. Of course she paid for it herself, and no campaign donations were used. I remember the shock and awe of when John Edwards got a $400 haircut, John McCain bought a pair of $520 black Ferragamo shoes and Hillary Clinton got jabbed for styling sessions that cost about $3,000.

Sarah Palin has taken politics to a new fashion level. The Republican National Committee has the bills to prove it.