From HP to 'Beats by Dre,' the Good Doctor is on Call

 - Aug 15, 2011
It doesn't take a genius to understand that the level of Dr. Dre endorsements on the market far exceeds his musical output.

Before you start to criticize the good ol' Doc, consider this: He was one of only five rappers on the Forbes 2011 Hip-Hop list to register a net worth over $100 million, clocking in at around $125 million. And while that still may not be enough to assuage fans of Dre's legendary music and iconic production, let's, for a second, examine some of the Dr. Dre endorsements.

From the culturally pervasive 'Beats by Dr.Dre' headphones to his deal with Hewlett-Packard, Dr. Dre has shown a rapper licensing his name to corporations doesn't necessarily have to mean full-scale selling out or releasing inferior products.

And his back account is flush because of it. According to the Forbes 2011 Hip-Hop list, Andre Young's Dr. Dre endorsements brought him $14 million.

Not bad for someone who didn't release an album last year. Not bad at all.