- Feb 23, 2019
The February 2019 customization trends allow customers of all industries to give their product or service their own personal touch. The purpose of this is usually to make matters more convenient and personal for their use -- the adaptable and customizable elements ensure that everything fits each consumer's needs.

Designer Aleksei Danilin creates a series of furniture that fuses customizable features with its 'Transformer SHELL' set. It can be re-arranged for modular touches to fit any space accordingly, with tonal selections to adapt to the existing space's visual aesthetic. Audio label Nura also launched an earphone that adapts to each individual wearer as well. It increases the bass of certain songs for those who are sensitive to low tones, with adjustable features to fit each person's otoacoustic needs.

From Multi-Functional Modular Sofas to Adaptive Earphones: