- Aug 15, 2012
These examples of layered photography are a show of the stunning technical ability of those behind the camera.

The photographs featured in these finds are boast intricate imagery. The ability to layer images creates a stunning one-of-a-kind finish to the work of each photographer. The overlaid technique is versatile in its ability to evoke emotion in diverse ways.

For instance, in Androgynous Floral Pictorials, it is used to convey sexual duality to create a boundary-pushing editorial. In Forest Fusion Photography, the layering of woodland landscapes with the figure of the model suggests that humanity is one with nature. Whether the photographic technique is being used to juxtapose, add movement or even create a spectral mood, it is evident that the double exposure technique will be an ongoing motif in art that will be created again and again.

From Androgynous Floral Pictorials to Delicate Overlaid Scenery: