The Double Exposure Digi Cam Captures Life on Hallucinogens

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: photojojo & gizmodo
The Double Exposure Digi Cam will give you a glimpse into the vision of an acid head mid-trip.

While drugs may be tough to locate, are expensive and may land you in jail, the Double Exposure Digi Cam is a much safer alternative. The device combines two images or videos, adds a number of post-production and distortion effects and produces a logic-defying dreamscape. The digital camera comes with a paltry 3.2 megapixel lens, concentrating on after effects in lieu of capturing detailed shots. For a one-trick pony, however, the camera clocks in at a prohibitive $130. Although expensive, the results are stunning. Users are able to take images reminiscent of an acid trip without having to take the harmful drug.