Andrew Volk's Double Exposure Images are Unique and Colorful

 - Aug 16, 2010   Updated: Apr 28 2011
References: andrewandrewandrew & lifelounge
Andrew Volk's photography is beautiful and surreal, creating images that have been exposed twice so that they look superimposed.

Generally, photographers aim to steer clear of double exposure, but in this case Andrew Volk uses it to his advantage creating interesting and dynamic images with variations on colors that aren't traditionally seen in photography. Andrew Volk's work simplistic and stunning.

Implications - Photography has seen much change with digital developments. Photographers are now able to manipulate their images through lighting, setting and Photoshopping tools. The ability to digitally manipulate images has allowed photographs to express their raw imaginations to audiences. By being able to express their perceptions, photographers can further build a connection with their audiences.