Pastries from Drug-Inspired Donuts to Cereal Infused Cakes.

 - Mar 21, 2013
Donuts are always a classic go to junk food option but if you feel like switching it up and trying some exotic deep fried goodness these different donuts are for you!

The only way you can make these classic doughy deep fried doughy better than they already are is to put an almost outlandishly obscure spin on them! only made better with there Delectably Different Donuts.

Luckily for us donuts can tastily transform! Wether it's by incorporating unique ingredients such as cereal, caffeine or seafood or by varying away from the basic look of the donut through experimental decorating and size altering donut making machines there is no denying different donuts are all the rage!

Enjoy a classic dessert pastry in a variety of different ways and share them with everyone, because who doesn't love a new twist on a classic staple.