These Mini Pi Pies are Shaped in the Form of a Well-Known Math Symbol

 - Mar 16, 2013
References: instructables & thatsnerdalicious
Pi Pies is probably the most obvious dessert to consume during Pi Day. If you don't have the formula for them, then the recipe from Instructables user 'boy genius' will help you bake up one in no time.

These pies are not your everyday creations, as they're shaped like certain mathematical symbols you would normally see in equations. These scrumptious desserts are definitely geared towards those who enjoy working with numbers, and are looking for a nerdy way to showcase their love for math.

The pies could act as a fantastic reward for proper answers to mathematical equations. It would truly be the way the Pi gods would have wanted Pi Day to be celebrated -- the pursuit of mathematical knowledge with the reward of Pi-shaped pies.