From David Duchovny to Brad Pitt

 - Oct 21, 2008
David Duchovny has made tabloid headlines for his addiction to porn, but he isn't the only adult who is fighting his own addictions. Take Eva Mendes, for example, who entered rehab for a substance abuse problem, or Brad Pitt, who must certainly be addicted to fatherhood and adopting.

The articles below explore the innovations in rehabilitation as well as the unique inventions that have come from different types of addictions. David Duchovny entered rehab for an addiction to sex, but there are also rehab centers for Internet addicts in China, luxury oceanside rehabilitation facilities and online support websites for specific addictions. I wonder if there's an appropriate website for an addiction to adopting that we could refer Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to.

Whether you're a nymphomaniac like David Duchovny or a perennial family man like Brad Pitt, there's an article in this cluster for you. Even if your addiction is solely to impersonal objects like your mobile phone or the Internet, you'll find yourself in good company here.