- Jul 19, 2012
These creative home decor DIYs will have you inspired in no time. From the basement to the top floor of your home, your apartment will be fabulously re-done with these fantastic design ideas.

Since the economy has people cutting back on everything but the necessities, furniture and interior decor can be overlooked in this fiscally tight time. However, using the approach of DIY decor, these products can be bought on the cheap and will give you not only some awesome-looking furniture, but also a fantastic project to get started on.

The Internet has become a hub of fascinating DIY ideas -- search Pinterest or Etsy and see some amazing ones right on their home pages. As a result of this shift, creative home decor DIYs have become an area of expertise for many designers.

From DIY Erasable Wall Decor to DIY Decorative Bedsheets: