The 'You Sentimental Idiot' DIY Scarf Display Turns Scarves into Decor

For those looking for a stylish and low-budget way to decorate their walls, the 'You Sentimental Idiot' DIY Scarf Display is a great option. This wall display will creatively show your collection of couture and designer scarfs, with almost no money spent.

Using a simple embroidery hoop and your favorite assortment of silk scarves and shawl, walls will be creatively dressed in affordable vintage fashion. By using an embroidery hoop as a frame, the scarves can easily be switched out -- for a nice change of pattern -- and face absolutely no risk of damage.

With so many thrift stores selling vintage scarves, the only tough decisions that need to be made are what scarf to choose and where to hang it. Taking approximately two minutes to assemble, the 'You Sentimental Idiot' DIY Scarf Display is an effortless way to give walls some life.