DIY Dairies Creates Clever Art with Confectionery Wrappers

If you love cupcakes more than most things in this world, this clever cupcake liner wall art composition created by Zaharoula from the Tumblr DIY Diaries. If your walls are looking a little barren and you're strapped for cash, you'll surely appreciate this simple $5 decor.

Perfect for lovers of cute confections and avid bakers, this cupcake liner wall art is a great to add a little zest to you pad and show your devotion to all things cupcake. Resourceful and a great way to keep you out of the poor house, this simple decorating project will inject your home with a little visual interest and a whole lot of pizzaz.

Easy, crafty and seductively adorable, this DIY Dairies creation is so foolproof, you'll be hard press to find a reason not to try your hand at it.