Sleep in Style With The Adorable Doodle Duvet

With creative covers like these Doodle Duvets, falling asleep is out of the question.

Stitch Designworks is the proud creator of the Doodle Duvet, a quality covering with more to offer than just warmth. The 200 thread count duvet perfectly resembles a piece of lined paper, with punched holes and red margin lines. Not only does the duvet look like paper, but it also acts as paper too! Owners are encouraged to draw and write all over their Doodle Duvet with the eight washable markers the cover comes with. They can design a blanket to match their room, or simply jot down notes. When washed, the ink comes out of the cotton completely, leaving the owner with a clean sheet of paper to scribble new designs on.

Banish bland blankets and cover yourself in creativity with the Doodle Duvet!