The Shelly Simcha Lint Project is Raw and Revolutionary

 - Jul 17, 2012
References: fastcodesign & incrediblethings
Taking DIY to a whole new level, the Shelly Simcha Lint Project transforms ordinary dryer lint into malleable textiles. Not only did this grad student use the fluff from her own dryer, but also the lint donated by random individuals.

"The project is about throwing away potential," states Simcha when discussing the core inspiration behind her unusual experiment. Dryer lint is the excess produced by a routine day-to-day activity. It is also holds characteristics that are distinctive to that individual since "each patch has its own DNA" -- slightly gross, but thought-provoking nonetheless. Using a textile-hardening spray and sheets of wax paper, Simcha molds the lint into the characteristic patches of fabric.

The Shelly Simcha Lint Project is an eye-opening experiment that requires viewers to get up close and personal to appreciate its hidden details.