From Bodacious Biodegradable Kicks to Compostable PCs

 - Nov 22, 2011
If these creative compostable creations are any indication, then the compost heap of the 21st century could very well be comprised of old computers and shoes. As the rush to turn everything green intensifies, designers have been looking at ways to turn everyday objects into biodegradable plant food.

Compost heaps are one of the best ways to ensure that your garden grows, but they can be a smelly mess and are often difficult to upkeep if you live in an apartment. Being able to create a compost heap out of candy wrappers and coffee cups would make compost heaps easier to create and could create a whole generation of urban green thumbs. These creative compostable creations would also greatly help the worlds landfills in that harmful electronics and plastics in landfills would be replaced by products that are actually good for the soil.