Bios Urn by Martin Azua Creates a Tree, Not a Tombstone

 - May 11, 2011
References: martinazua & ecofriend
There's a very poetic thought behind the Bios Urn by Martin Azua. For those people who would prefer to be cremated after death, this mortuary canister offers a way for the departed to truly return to the soil.

The ashes are to be placed in this organic cylinder, made from compacted peat, coconut shell and cellulose. The product is an object that is completely biodegradable, offering the environmentally responsible a way to leave the earth, reenter it, but to avoid eternally occupying and interrupting the natural landscape within a graveyard.

Not only does the Bios Urn by Martin Azua dissolve into the dirt, but it nourishes the seed of a tree within. If a depressing headstone is not the headboard you seek for your enduring sleep, perhaps the greenery that grows in that space will be a better reference to your wonderful life and immortal soul.