Sugar-Based Polymer for Compostable Plastic Found

 - Feb 22, 2010   Updated: May 25 2011
References: telegraph &
British scientists have discovered a way to create plastic-making polymers from sugars found in common, fast growing trees and grasses. The natural plastics currently on the market don't biodegrade readily, but the plastics made with the new polymer would be compostable with other organic waste.

Research to make sugar-based plastics for the mass market is underway and may bring the product to market by 2015.

Implications - Plastics can be quite detrimental to the environment with people using up 150 million tons of it per year. Plastics are made almost entirely out of fossil fuels. A man named Dr. Williams who is working on the biodegradable plastics project was the one responsible for discovering that polymer can be extracted from glucose that is found in trees and grasses.